LifeSocks Lifestyle Plus Merino Socks with Seacell Active
LifeSocks Lifestyle Plus Merino Socks with Seacell ActiveLifeSocks Lifestyle Plus Merino Socks with Seacell Active

LifeSocks Lifestyle Plus Merino Socks with Seacell Active


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Product Description

Designed with comfort and functionality in mind, the collection of revolutionary Lifesocks represents years of research in podiatry health. Made from a proprietary blend of soft merino wool, nylon and Seacell Active, Lifesocks provide an optimal ergonomically-designed environment for your feet, maintaining a steady temperature and wicking away moisture, keeping your foot healthier and providing a level of comfort that is second to none.Merino wool not only has outstanding insulative properties, it naturally regulates temperature, resists odor, is antibacterial, wicks moisture from feet and offers a superior softness and comfort that other natural or synthetic fabrics cannot match.Lifesocks contain Seacell Active, a unique blend of cellulose, seaweed and silver that is entwined with the natural merino yarn. Seacell Active promotes a healthy environment for your foot with its natural antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. As well as being anti-inflammatory and hypo-allergenic, Seacell Active is a safe, natural and stable yarn that will remain effective after frequent washing.Unlike other socks, Lifesocks Lifestyle Plus socks feature a system of custom-developed panels and anatomical cushioning to provide protection, comfort and reduce foot pressure. With it’s left and right foot shaping, strategically positioned padding and seamless toe enclosure, your foot is ensured superior comfort and a blister-free environment. The high stretch cuff and trademarked Elastic Support System (ESS) gently ‘locks’ the Lifesock to your foot and lower leg with minimal compression, no bunching down or ride-down, providing superb under arch support and a fantastic wearer experience. Ergonomic flex and mesh panels provide shaping, protection and pressure point reduction.Lifesocks. Treat your feet.


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